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Carpenter's Complete Inc., (CCI) is a Residential and Commercial Construction Company based in Metairie, Louisiana, and is owned and operated by Matthew Carpenter. Matthew has been an active on-site, detail-oriented, construction manager in his role as a contractor for over 15 years.

CCI has successfully completed a variety of projects, both Residential and Commercial, covering the spectrum of complexity. CCI has a local network of Civil and Mechanical Engineers and experts who are highly skilled in all aspects of construction, to assist CCI with the special needs of each project. Our team keeps projects moving, on schedule and within budget.

CCI works with clients to review and analyze existing and upcoming projects. We help the client define goals, organize and manage the project, identify obstacles, and resolve problems prior to and during construction. This process leads to optimized strategies.

Construction projects are complex undertakings with many pitfalls, some predictable and some that are not predictable. CCI will identify and resolve construction issues in a timely manner during any phase of a project. The end results are projects completed on time and within budget.

Choosing the Correct Contractor After A Hurricane or Disaster:

Homeowners who use out-of-towners will have NO WARRANTEE once the work is done and the 'CON'tractor leaves town.  There are a few things that homeowners need to preliminarily check for in order to avoid being scammed:

1. Louisiana State Drivers license

2 Local Phone numbers (especially Cell #)

3. The vehicle they're driving has a Louisiana State license plate

4. Louisiana State Contractors License

5. Louisiana State Insurance Certificate

6. Local Business Occupational License



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